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World-wide, the power supply industry is experiencing major changes due to deregulation, increased environmental concern, and technological development. Specifically, deregulation is causing a massive change in power plant ownership structures opening up opportunities for Independent Power Producers (IPP’s) to invest in power generation assets and sell power through Power Purchase Agreements or through fully market driven price mechanisms.

Conserve has taken up these new challenges and opportunities by taking on a leading role in the development of power plant projects in the 20–300 MW range and is especially concerned with solutions to energy needs in Nigeria with focus on reliability, cost-efficiency, and environmental friendliness.

Conserve undertakes the whole range of project development from conception to financial closure, and the complex task of establishing the contractual framework needed in international, private power projects. Conserve Oil Nigeria Limited has established an extensive network with a wide range local and international companies that provides sundry services in the establishment of an independent power plant.

Our instrumentation design expertise is in the design and preparation of specifications and documentation required to define and implement instrumentation and control systems on oil and gas facilities. We form a true partnership with client and have people, experience and services to provide valuable contributions that will reduce project costs and shorten schedules. You can count on us at the following stages of your projects:

Conceptual Planning
Preliminary Design
Capital and Engineering Costs Estimation
Detail design
Construction Management
Commissioning and Start-up

With the goal of providing expert services, Conserve Oil Nigeria Limited, through its metering and calibration division, provides services that address the full range of process automation, form routine calibration of few instruments to a site-wide maintenance of production systems, flow measuring and custody transfer instrumentation.

Conserve provide calibration and metering services that supports the accuracy of fluid measurement on oil and gas facilities such as tank farms, export terminals, production platforms, and pipeline systems e.t.c. We help mitigate against the possibility of huge financial losses as a consequent of inaccurate measurement systems. Meter proving is increasingly required within the process of dynamic measurement to ensure that the highest level of measurement accuracy is achieved.

Conserve’s calibration and metering division is led by one of the most technically astute calibration professionals in Nigeria who is supported by a team comprises of young, dynamic and enthusiastic professionals. With this horse power in-house, Conserve is positioned to provide equipment and expertise to prove meter accuracy and calibrate meters as well as all associated instrumentation to maintain the highest measurement standards

In today’s dynamic market for natural gas, it is essential for producers to respond quickly to changes in product requirements, product pricing and diverse locations for production, processing and consumption of natural gas and gas liquids.
Processing plants must be conceived, design and installed in a short time frame and plant economics must support varying life cycles and potential for asset reuse.
Our proven cost effective and timely solutions cater for the need of both small plants and large processing facilities.
Our professional and experience operation group can operate and maintain all types of processing and treating facilities.

We provide efficient, reliable and flexible compression facilities that are designed, constructed and installed in a short time frame which are key to the economics of producing, gathering, processing and marketing natural gas.
To keep compression facilities operating at peak efficiency Conserve Oil Nigeria Limited also maintain a complete inventory of replacement parts and a highly trained and responsive staff of technicians and engineers for service and maintenance regardless of where you purchase your equipment.
For maximum value to our customers, Conserve Oil Nigeria Limited provides complete turnkey compression facilities including project management, facility and equipment design, on-site construction, installation and start-up.

We at Conserve provide customers complete solutions to their specific technical manpower recruitment services. Backed by well defined recruitment processes and services of experienced HR professionals, we offer hiring solutions for technical professionals including managers, superintendents, engineers and technical staff. Some of the industry areas covered by us include projects in the field of power generation, environmental, petrochemical, process & refinery. Here the basic idea is to provide our clients with complete technical manpower sourcing services at competitive prices.

The rich database pool available with us have with them competence to efficiently handle tasks including design, procurement, engineering, start up, construction, operation & maintenance of power & hydrocarbon and other such facilities.

The safety and reliability of hydrocarbon transport infrastructures has a crucial role in the security of hydrocarbon supply world-wide. Issues concerned with pipeline system reliability are a huge concern as existing major pipelines are reaching the end of their original life-expectancy period, and therefore requiring more maintenance, or the consideration of replacement. Major risks constantly challenge the safety and reliability of pipeline systems, including human error, natural disasters and terrorist attacks. The repercussions of these risks are vast with potential danger to human life, the environment and the economies of the transited regions.
We ensure that maintenance, repair or replacement of corrosion elements is completed in a safe and technically sound manner while developing a working relationship with contractors and manage project workloads.
We provide any service (or package of services) carried out on permanently installed customer equipment that involves inspecting, cleaning, drying, testing, improving production, running or establishing integrity from the wellhead out.
We are well equipped to meet all the requirements of the pipeline, process, industrial and energy markets worldwide – both safely and efficiently.

We have experience in a variety of PLC controllers. These include but not limited to:

Allen-Bradley (PLC5 Family, SLC500 Family, ControlLogic5000)
Telemecanique (Compact, QuantumModicon (Older Controllers))

Siemens (Simatic)

We have experience in a variety of Software packages to develop Operator Interfaces (SCADA, HMI). These include but not limited to:

Allen-Bradley RSView

We have experience in a variety of Software packages to develop Operator Interfaces. These include:

Allen-Bradley RSView

We have experience in a variety of Operator Interfaces. These include but not limited to:
Allen-Bradley – PanelView

Our team of QA/QC inspectors Oversees quality control and inspection coordination on any given project for construction, maintenance and procurement activities.
We review specifications and procedures to establish their correctness and adherence to the specified requirements.
We monitor acceptance of relevant test and inspection documents from vendors.
This covers all the diverse services rendered by the company.
Our Quality Control (QC) activity is a system of routine technical activities, to measure and control the quality of project services as it unfolds.
The QC system is designed to:
Provide routine and consistent checks to ensure integrity, correctness, and completeness; Identify and address errors and omissions and Document and archive inventory material and record all QC activities.
Our Quality Assurance (QA) activities include a planned system of review procedures conducted by personnel not directly involved in the inventory compilation/development process.